HEAT301 3 standen stoelverwarming

Prijs: € 89,00


Ampire stoelverwarming, 3 standen

Carbon seat heater HEAT301
The advantage of carbon heating HEAT301 is uniform heating across the heater rod surface. The lenght and shape can be customized according to the type of seat in the vehicle.

- Set for 1 seat
- Fast and steady heating elements
- Heating elements for any seat geometry
- Suitable for cloth and leather seat cover
- 3 heating levels (18/35/50 watts)
- Thermostat controlled system
- Thermal protection
- Installation under seat cloth or leather
- Power supply 12VDC / 5A max.
- Dimensions of heating elements: 480 x 270mm (D x W)
- Complete set incl. switches and wire harness

- Universal heating elements (2x)
- Wire harness with relay
- Switch (1/2/3/OFF) with red LED
- Fuse holder with fuse
- 4 pcs. of double side adhesive tape for installation
- Installation manual and accessories

- CE - E8N 09 04 69744 001
- IATF 16949:2016
- E8-10R-0310152

Black: GND (Chassis)
Red: +12V (Kl. 30)
Yellow: Ignition (Kl. 15)
Green: Illumination

1. Pay utmost attention to this safety instruction to avoid damages or accidents with serious - even life-threatening - injuries, evoked by fires or electric shocks. The installation has to be done by authorized workshops only!
2. Check at first if the installation is possible:
a) The installation is very difficult or impossible if the seat covers are glued onto the seat body.
b) The installation is impossible on seats with longitudinally ditches.
c) The installation is impossible on seat with a central area width less than 270 mm, the heating elements edges have to end in front of lateral gaps.
3. Pay utmost attention to the vehicle manufacturers instructions on seats with weight sensors!
4. Pay utmost attention to the vehicle manufacturers instructions on cars with belt tensioners! 
5. Pay utmost attention to the vehicle manufacturers instructions on cars with side airbags in the backrest!
a) Seat covers and its hemline have to stay unchanged.
b) Install the heating elements only on the central area of the seats foam body.
6. Make right connections according to the vehicles schematic diagram and choose only wires with suitable diameters for the additive current load.
7. Choose the right place for the switches.
8. Use the only installation materials provided with the seat heater!
9. Never change the width by cutting the heating elements long ways, cut off only as shown. (Fig. 1)
10. You can run the heating elements through crosswise ditches, but the edges of cutouts have to end in front of these.
11. Avoid short circuits between the heating elements to any conductive seat components such as pad clips and seat frames even if it's insulated. Isolate the edges of the heating elements cutouts with fabric adhesive tape.
12. Never damage the electrode while making a cutout. Be sure to keep a minimum space of 40 mm! (Fig. 2)
13. Avoid and short circuit between the carbon fibers which may overlap a few millimeters besides heating mats and any conductive seat components. Take especially care of lateral metal wiring!
14. Fix the heating elements (e.g. suitable spray glue) without wrinkles, otherwise exists fire risk!
15. Avoid any damage of the heating elements during installation, as could be caused by pad clips or seat frames!
16. Ensure that the heating elements and the seats foam body are free of fat, oil and silicone! You receive full adhesive strength by sufficient pressure and curing time. It may takes several hours. Once installed, don't remove the heating mats for re-installation!
17. Pay attention while running the cable to fix it carefully, so that seats can be moved without problems the whole way!
18. Avoid any damage of the wire isolation by sharp edges, kinking or tensile stress.
19. Note down security codes (e.g. radio, navigation), and then disconnect battery before start working on the electrical system!
20. The heating temperature on the seats surface depends on the seat and cover materials.
21. In cases of failure or breakdown please control safety fuse first!
22. Explain function and instruct on safety during handing over the customer's car!

Downloads Manual HEAT301


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